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Checking out the mirror at Pop-Pop's House

Sleepin' away the mornin'

Trying to wake up...

Messy me!

Boy am I sad (not!)

Breakfast at Pop-Pop's

Pop-Pop's 98 Surprise Party

Sitting with my favorite men (Dad & Pop-Pop)

New (diaper) hat

I like standing

Me too

Learning to walk

Pretty in Pink

Wearing a big-girl dress

First Birthday

Learning to walk

Me and Uncle Marty

(no caption necessary)

First Birthday Party (at the Sailing Cow)

Oooo, I love cake

Gramz helping me blow out my candle

I love Pink Hats!


Learning to eat cake by myself

Love that frosting

Getting messy

I hope I don't have to clean up


I wish I could blow

(NOTE: Yellow blob of frosting - gone!)

Relaxing at the Cape

Sitting on the Hot Tub

Standing by myself

This looks like watermelon

I love my hat!

Thanks, Nana Jean for my new walker

It comes with blocks to know down!

I can make a mess with my toys!


Opening up my present from Uncle Rob

I wish I could read

Wow! A new PINK dress - Yeah!

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